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Is there any role of empathy in public services? Explain your views with a suitable example. . | UPPSC General Studies 4 Mains ETHICS Solutions 2019


Is there any role of empathy in public services? Explain your views with a suitable example.  (UPPSC 2019)


Empathy means putting yourself in someone else's position and understanding their feelings, situations, and concerns, and sincerely trying to relieve their suffering.

Empathy has a very important role in public service as it enables public officials to understand and connect with the needs and perspectives of the general public.

The role of empathy is very important in public services as they can provide better services that meet the need of the people they serve.

The following are some important roles of empathy in public services;

In solving problems; 

For example, In drought areas, the main concern for farmers is irrigation, if civil servants have empathy, they will able to understand the feeling of former problems, and they alleviate the suffering by proving irrigation facilities.

It helps in building trust and relationships between the government and the public; When common citizens are served as per their needs and concern, the are more likely to trust public servants. This can lead to greater cooperation and collaboration.  it establishes trust between the public services and citizens.

Ensure greater participation;

Empathy in public services helps greater participation of the public in decision-making, which helps in good governance.

In conclusion, we can say, the role of empathy is very important for public servants in promoting civil justice and good governance in society and it builds trust and understanding between government and citizens.

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