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Explain E-pollution and space pollution. What measures are suggested for its management? । UPPSC General Studies-III Mains Solutions 2022


 Explain E-pollution and space pollution. What measures are suggested for its management?

( UPPSC, UP PCS Mains General Studies-III/GS-3 2022)


E- pollution means pollution caused by the use of electrical and electronic devices, and digital technologies. Electronic waste like computers, LEDs, LCDs, smartphones, etc are examples of e-waste. This e-waste pollutes the environment as it contains toxic chemicals and hazardous substances like lead, mercury, and cadmium which can contaminate air, soils, and water; ultimately it negatively affects human life and the ecosystem as a whole.

China is the largest emitter of e - pollution followed by the USA, and India. India is the third largest producer of e-waste in the world.

Measures to manage e-pollution include;

  • Individuals or organizations should focus on the 3-R of e- pollution[ Reduce, reuse, and recycle].
  • Using energy efficiency
  • Awareness

Focus on 3R of e-pollution[ Reduce, reuse, and recyle]:

Reduce the e-waste by reusing and recycling e-waste. Considering waste as a resource, proper disposal and recycling of electronic waste can reduce the amount of e- pollution. Recycling and reuse of these electronic waste may be promoted to reduce e-pollution to harms the environment.

Use of energy-efficient devices; Promoting the use of energy consumption of electronic devices may reduce energy consumption and can reduce the devices that are used in energy production, which will ultimately reduce e-waste.

Awareness; Raising awareness about the "use and throw" of electronic devices about environmental losses can promote sustainable consumption practices, that may reduce e-waste and e- pollution.


Space Pollution;

Space pollution refers to the accumulation of human-made debris in outer space[ above 400 km from the earth's surface]. Space pollution includes discarded satellites, rocket components, and other space materials. This debris can collide with other objects like satellites or spacecraft, which can hazardous environment for astronauts and satellites.

Russia is the largest emitter of space pollution followed by the USA, China, and Japan.

Measures to manage space pollution are-

Space Debris removal; Investment is needed in such technologies that can track, capture, and remove space debris.

Mitigation strategies; Designing and using such spacecraft and satellites that produce less debris in space. Reusable spacecraft and satellite need to be used to reduce the debris in space.


In conclusion, e- pollution and space pollution are two forms of pollution that are caused by the use of electrical, electronic devices, and digital devices; one happened on Earth's surface and the other happens in space; however, both are caused by humans and has many environmental consequences and harm human health. Measures include awareness, recycling, energy efficiency, mitigation strategies, and space debris removal strategies.


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