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Kharavela Dynasty | Chedi Dynasty | Mahameghavahana Dynasty MCQ QUIZ NOTES | Ancient Indian History UPSC

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  • About Kharavela Dynasty | Chedi Dynasty | Mahameghavahana Dynasty 

Notes on Kharavela Dynasty | Chedi Dynasty | Mahameghavahana Dynasty:

Kharavela dynasty is a historical dynasty that ruled the ancient kingdom of Kalinga, located in present-day Odisha during 200-100 B.C.

King Kharavela was the greatest king of the Mahameghavahna dynasty of Kalinga ( Odisha), he belonged to the Chedi clan. That is why, the Kharavela Dynasty is also known as Chedi Dynasty or Mahameghavahna Dynasty.

The primary source of the information about Kharavela dynasty is the Hathigumpha inscription [ Elephant Cave], which was found on the Southern side of Udaygiri Hills, Near Bhubaneswar, Odisha. 

We also get information regarding the Chedi dynasty from Udayagiri and Khandagiri caves in present-day Odisha. 

Hathigumpha inscription has seventeen lines, written in Brahmi script. As per the Hathigumpha inscription, Kharavela rulers were followers of Jainism. 

Hathigumpha inscriptions also tell us that the Kalinga ruler regained its independence from Maurya Empire, after the death of Ashoka. 

We do not get much authentic information about the Kharavela dynasty except the Hathigumpha inscription.

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