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What are the activities practiced by the rural people? | Class 7 NCERT - Our Environment ( GEOGRAPHY), SOCIAL SCIENCE


What are the activities practiced by the rural people?

( Chapter 7: Human Environment–Settlement, Transport, and Communication, Class 7- Our Environment ( GEOGRAPHY), SOCIAL SCIENCE)


Rural people engage in a variety of activities mainly in primary activities, and these activities often depend on factors such as location, culture, and available resources. 

Common activities practiced by rural people include:


Farming is a primary occupation in rural areas. People cultivate crops for their own and for the market.

Animal Husbandry:

Rearing and caring for livestock, such as cattle, sheep, goats, and poultry, is common in rural areas. This can provide meat, dairy products, and other animal-derived goods.


In areas near water bodies like oceans and rivers, fishing is a prevalent activity. It provides a source of food and income for many rural communities.


Rural areas with forests often engage in activities related to logging, wood collection, and forest management.


Artisanal skills and craftsmanship are often practiced in rural regions, producing goods like pottery, weaving, basketry, and traditional crafts.

Small-Scale Business: 

Rural entrepreneurs run small businesses like grocery stores, local markets, or repair shops.

Traditional Crafts: 

Many rural communities have unique cultural traditions and crafts, such communities are often involved in making traditional pottery, textiles, or woodworking.

Hunting and Gathering: 

In some remote rural areas like the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, people still rely on hunting and gathering fruits, nuts, and other natural resources for their livelihoods.

Rural Tourism: 

Some rural areas attract tourists seeking natural experiences, leading to activities like eco-tourism and cultural services.

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