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MCQ on Kharavela Dynasty | Chedi Dynasty | QUIZ and Objective types of Questions

1. King Kharavela is related to the? ( UPPSC)

a)      Pillar inscription of Girnar

b)     Pillar Inscription of Junagarh

c)      Hathigumpha inscription

d)     Sarnath inscription


Answer. c) Hathigumpha inscription;

 King Kharavela belonged to the Chedi dynasty of Kalinga rulers.

 2. Which of the following kings was a Patron of Jainism? ( UPPSC)

a)      Ashoka

b)     Harsha

c)      Pulakeshin II

d)     Kharavela

Answer. d) Kharavela

It provides information from the Hathigumpha inscription.


3. The king of Kalinga,  Kharvela was related to which of the following dynasty? ( UPPSC)

a)      Chedi

b)     Kadamba

c)      Kalinga

d)     Haryana

Answer. a) Chedi

4. Who among the following kings had heavily leaned towards Jainism? (UPPSC)

a)      Dashratha

b)     Brihadratha

c)      Kharavela

d)     Huvishka


Answer. c) Kharavela


5. The inscription of Hathigumpha is the source of information about which king? ( UPPSC)

a)      Kharvela

b)     Ashok

c)      Harshavardhan

d)     Kanishka


Answer. a) Kharvela


6. Kalinga’s King Kharvel was associated with?

a)      Mahameghvahana dynasty

b)     Bodhi dynasty

c)      Satvahana dynasty

d)     Rath-Bhojak Dynasty

 Answer. a) Mahameghvahana dynasty also known as the Chedi dynasty 


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