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MCQ on Multipurpose River Valley Projects [ Dam] of Uttar Pradesh | QUIZ and Objective types of Questions

 1. Which of the following Dams is not located in Uttar Pradesh?

a) Ahraura

b) Adwa

c) Baghelkhand

d) Badua

Answer. d) Badua

Ahraura Dam: Mirzapur, Badua river

Adwa Dam: Mirzapur, Adwa river

Baghelkhand Dam: Balrampur, Jamunhra river

Badua Dam: Banka, Bihar, Garai river

2. "Rani Laxmibai Dam Project" is on which river of Uttar Pradesh?

a) Ghaghara river

b) Betwa River

c) Son River

d) Chambal River

Answer. b) Betwa River, facilitates irrigation facilities to Lalitpur, Jhansi, Hamirpur, and Jalaun. 

3. Which of the following is the longest canal in Uttar Pradesh?

a) Ghaghara Canal

b) Ken Canal

c) Lower Gangetic Canal

d) Sharda Canal

Answer. d) Sharda Canal

4. Parichha Dam of Uttar Pradesh is located in which river?

a) Betwa

b) Ken

c) Rihand

d) Rihini

Answer. a) Betwa, Parichha Dam is located in Jhanshi, it is on Betwa river.

5. Which of the following multipurpose river valley projects is the largest in Uttar Pradesh?

a) Rihand Project

b) Chandraprabha Project

c) Matateela Project

d) Betwa Canal Project

Answer. a) Rihand Dam Project. It is located in Sonbhadra, it is also known as Vallabh Pant Sagar.

6. Arjun Dam Canal is the source of irrigation of which of the following districts?

a) Mahoba

b) Gorakhpur

c) Chandauli

d) Mirzapur

Answer. a) Mahoba and Hamirpur benefitted from the Arjun Dam Canal.

7. Which of the following river projects was constructed mainly for storing drinking water?

a) Sharda Canal Project

b) Gyanpur Pump Canal Project

c) Gokhul Barrage

d) Patharai Dam

Answer. c) Gokhul Barrage provide drinking water to Agra, Mathura, and Vrindavan

8. Match the following

        List I ( Dam)            List II ( District)

A. Ramganga Dam        1. Moradabad

B. Matatila Dam            2.Lalitpur

C. Dhanraul Dam        3. Aligarh

D. Adwa Dam            4. Mirzapur


        A    B    C    D

a)      1    2    3    4

b)    2    1    4    3

c)    4    3    2    1

d)    1    2    4    3

Answer. a)      1    2    3    4

9. Which of the following dams is also known as Kamla Nehru Dam?

a) Ramganga Dam

b) Matatila Dam

c) Dhanraul Dam

d) Adwa Dam

Answer. b) Matatila Dam

10. Which Dam in Uttar Pradesh is a joint venture between India and Nepal?

a) Tehri Dam

b) Rihand Dam

c) Sharda Dam

d) Adwa Dam

Answer. c) Sharda Dam

11. The Bansagar Dam is built on which river?

a) Son river

b) Ganga River

c) Ken River

d) Betwa River

Answer. a) Son river


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