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The Mohorovicic ( Moho) discontinuity separates

 The Mohorovicic (moho) discontinuity separates

a) Outer core and Mantle

b) Inner and Outer Core

c) Sima and Nife

d) Crust and Mantle

Answer. d) Crust and Mantle

Trick [ Mnemonic] to remember the discontinuity of earth's layers:

CM Ram Goes Lanka.

C: Conorod discontinuity separates the Upper Crust and lower crust.

M: Mohorovicic ( Moho) discontinuity separates Crust and Mantle.

R: Repiti discontinuity separates the upper mantle and lower mantle.

G: Guttenberg discontinuity separates the lower mantle and outer core.

L: Lehmann discontinuity separates the outer core and lower core.

About Earth's Layer:

Earth is made up of three layers namely Crust, mantle { upper mantle and lower Mantle}, and Core ( outer core and Inner Core).

The crust and Upper mantle are known as the Lithosphere.

The thickness of the crust in the Himalayas region is about 70 km.

The outer core is liquid whereas the inner core is solid.

The Continental Crust is made up of SiAl ( Silica and Aluminium) whereas the Oceanic Crust is made up of SiMa( Silica and Magnesium).

Earth Core is mainly made up of NiFe ( Nickel and Ferrous).

By volume- Crust ( 1 %), Mantle ( 84%), and Core (15%).

The outer core is responsible for the Earth's magnetic field.

Composition of Earth's Crust:

Oxygen ( 47 %)

Silicon ( 28 %)

Aluminium ( 8 %)

Iron ( 5 %)

Magnesium ( 4 %)

Composition of the entire earth:

Iron ( 35 %)

Oxygen ( 30%)

Silicon (15 %)

Magnesium ( 13 %)

Nickel ( 2 %)

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