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Explain why suicide among young women is increasing in Indian society. | UPSC 2023 General Studies Paper 1 Mains PYQ


Explain why suicide among young women is increasing in Indian society. 

(UPSC 2023 General Studies Paper 1 (Main) Exam, Answer in 150 words)


Suicide rates among young women are increasing in Indian society due to the complex interplay of social, economic, cultural, and individual factors. 

As per the National Crime Report Beauro ( NCRB), per day 63 housewives committed suicide in the year 2021 in India. 

The following are some prominent reasons for the increasing suicide of young women in Indian Society:

Social and Family Pressures ( Expectations and Norms):

Societal and family expectations, including academic and career pressures, marriage pressure, and gender-based expectations, create immense stress for young women. They struggle to fulfill these expectations, and failing at it leads to depression in young women. 

Gender-based inequality, discrimination, and violence:

Prevalent Gender-based discrimination, harassment, and violence in society contribute mental problems of young women.

Lack of mental health support:

There is limited understanding related to mental health in families and society. Prejudice and stigma related to it create more problems, which provide very little help to young women to overcome any mental-related issues.

Relationship issues:

Family issues, romantic relationships, and social circles contribute to emotional distress in young women. Breakdowns in relationships or feelings of isolation are major factors in the suicides of young women in India.

Forced Marriages:

Arranged marriage is prevalent in India due to fulfilling the traditional values of marriage and fulfilling societal norms. Lack of marital decision-making in educated young women contributes to emotional distress and increases the suicide tendency of young women in Indian society.

Social Media influences and online Harassment: 

Online harassment and negative social media experience contributes to mental stress and mental health challenges among young women. Comparisons and judgments regarding beauty, money, and electronic gadgets on social media platforms among young women are common nowadays, which increases mental stress.

Addressing the increasing suicide rates among young women in Indian society requires a holistic approach, which includes mental health awareness campaigns, gender equality, a supportive environment in society, socialization, and financial empowerment of women. It is crucial to create a supportive environment in society and family for young women to prevent the suicide of young women in Indian society

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