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Four categories of agricultural land during the Mughal period

 Akbar ( 1556-1605) was the first Mughal ruler who categorized agricultural land into four categories based on the quality of land. The following are four classifications of agricultural land:

  • Polaj
  • Parauti or Parati
  • Chachar
  • Banjar


Polaj was the land that was cultivated every year without following. It was considered the most fertile and productive land.

Parauti or Parati:

Parauti was the land that left followed for a shorter period, usually one to two years, to regain fertility.


Chachar was the land that left follow for an extended period, typically three to four years. This practice allowed the land to recover and restore nutrients.


Banjar was the land which was uncultivated or barren land that was not suitable for immediate cultivation. It was used for grazing.

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