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What are the major benefits of the Poorvanchal Expressway project? | UPPSC General Studies-VI (6) Mains Solutions 2023


What are the major benefits of the Poorvanchal ( Purvanchal) Expressway project?

 (UPPSC Mains General Studies-VI/GS-6 2023 Solutions)


An expressway is one kind of highway that supports high-speed motorways and connects major cities, urban centers, or industrial areas.

Expressway projects in Uttar Pradesh:

The following are major expressways in Uttar Pradesh-

  • Yamuna expressways ( It connects Greater Noida to Agra)
  • Bundelkhand expressways ( It connects Chitrakoot to Etawah)
  • Agra- Lucknow Expressways ( It connects Agra to Lucknow)
  • Ganga Expressways ( It connects Meerut to Prayagraj)
  • Puruvanchal Expressways ( It connects Lucknow to Ghazipur)
  • Gorakhpur Link Expressway ( It connects Azamgarh to Gorakhpur)

major benefits of the Poorvanchal Expressway project

Poorvanchal ( Purvanchal ) Expressway project:

Purvanchal Expressway is a prime example of a world-class infrastructure. It is six-Lane wide, expandable to Eight-Lane.

It starts from Chaudsarai village ( Lucknow) and ends at Hydaria village ( Ghazipur).

The total length of the expressways is 341 kilometers. 

It passes through Lucknow, Barabanki, Amethi, Ayodhya, Sultanpur, Ambedkar Nagar, Azamgarh, Mau and Ghazipur.

The Purvanchal Expressway has been developed by the Uttar Pradesh Expressways Industrial Development Authority (UPEIDA).

The foundation stone of the Purvanchal Expressways was laid in July 2018 and inaugurated in November 2021.

The following are the major benefits of the Poorvanchal Expressway project:

Improved Connectivity:

The expressway enhances connectivity between eastern Uttar Pradesh and the rest of the state as it is linked to Agra Lucknow expressways and Yamuna Expressways. 

It connects important cities of eastern Uttar Pradesh like Barabanki, Amethi, Ayodhya, Sultanpur, Ambedkar Nagar, Azamgarh, Mau, and Ghazipur to the rest of Uttar Preadesh as it is linked to other expressways directly or indirectly.

Boost to Economic Development:

Expressway will act as a catalyst for setting up the Handloom Industry, Food Processing Units, Storage Plants, Mandi, and Milk-based industries in eastern Uttar Pradesh. 

This will facilitate the movement of goods and people and encourage investment in industries, commerce, and tourism, leading to job creation and income generation.

Defense importance:

A  3.2 km long airstrip has also been constructed on the Expressway in Sultanpur district and it enables landing and take-off of Indian Air Force fighter planes in an emergency.

Strategic Importance:

The Purvanchal expressway facilitates rapid movement of defense personnel and equipment during emergencies in the eastern border regions of Uttar Pradesh.  It strengthens national security infrastructure.

Purvanchal Expressway projects improve connectivity, economic growth, safety, and strategic infrastructure in Uttar Pradesh and India.

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