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The title "Raja" was conferred to Ram Mohan Roy by which Mughal Emperor?

 The title "Raja" was conferred to Ram Mohan Roy by which Mughal Emperor?

a) Jahandar Shah

b) Md. Shah

c) Akbar II

d) Bahadur Shah Zafar

Answer. c) Akbar II;

 The title "Raja" was conferred to Ram Mohan Roy by Akbar II Mughal Emperor to to appeal against his treatment by the East India Company. Ram Mohan Roy then visited England, as the Mughal envoy to the Court of St. James. 

About Raja Ram Mohan Roy ( 1772 to 1833):

Raja Ram Mohan Roy is known as the Father of the Indian Renaissance. He is also known as father of the Bengal Renaissance.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy founded Brahmo Samaj in 1828 in Calcutta. The Brahmo Samaj was a monotheistic sect of Hinduism.

He advocated the banning of the Sati System. The Bengal Sati Regulation was passed by the then Governor-General Lord William Bentinck in 1829. Lord Macaulay ( father of English education) and Raja Ram Mohan Roy advocated Ban Sati practices in India. 

Vedanta Gantha, Kathopanishad, and Kenopanishads are some literary works of Raja Mohan Ram.  

About Akbar II:

Akbar II  known as Akbar Shah II was the nineteenth Mughal emperor from 1806 to 1837.

Jahandar Shah ( 1712-1713):

Jahandar Shah was also known as Mirza Muhammad Mu'izz-ud-Di. He was the first puppet ruler of the Mughal dynasty.

Jaziya tax was abolished by Jahandar Shah.

Muhammad Shah ( reign 1719-1748):

Md. Shah was also known as Rangila's pleasure-loving attitude.

 In 1739, a Persian ruler named Nadir Shah defeated Muhammad Shah and took the peacock throne and the Kohinoor diamond.

Bahadur Shah Zafar( reign 1837 to 1857):

Bahadur Shah Zafar was a Mughal emperor during the 1857 revolt. He was the last Mughal emperor of India. Bakht Khan was the commander in chief of the 1857 revolt in Delhi and Bareilly.

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