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Who was called as the "Prince of Pilgrims

Who was called as the "Prince of Pilgrims"?

a) Fa-hien

b) Ibn Battuta

c) Hiuen Tsang

d) Vasco da Gama

Answer. c) Hiuen Tsang;

About Hiuen Tsang:

Hiuen-Tsang was called the Prince of Pilgrims. He was the Chinese traveler who visited India during Harsha's rule. He well documented the rule of Harshavardhana.

About Fa-hien:

Fa-hien is also known as Faxian. He was the first Chinese pilgrim to visit India. He visited the reign of Chandragupta II or Vikramaditya ( 375 CE to 415 CE). The iron pillar of Mehrauli ( Delhi) was also supposed to be constructed by Chandragupta II.

Ibn Battuta:

Ibn Battuta was also known as Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battutah. He was a medieval Muslim traveler who wrote Rihalah and Safarnama books. He was from Morocco.

Ibn Battuta visited India during the reign of Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq. 

Ibn Battuta was appointed as Qazi ( judge) by Muhammad Bin Tughlaq. 

About Muhammad Bin Tughlaq ( 1325 to 1351):

Muhammad Bin Tughlaq was also known as the Wisest fool of India for five failed decisions and judgment. The five failed decisions of Muhammad Bin Tughlaq are as follows:

His decision to shift capital from Delhi to Daulatabad or Devagiri ( Maharashtra).

Double taxation in the Doab region, lies between Ganga and Yamuna.

He introduced token currency in the market.

He was supposed to attack Iraq.

His expedition to attack the Himalayan Kumaon Hills to allegedly counter Chinese incursions.

About Harshavardhana:

Harshvardhana is considered one of the most prominent rulers of the 7th century. He was Pushyabhuti emperor.

Harshavardha shifted his capital from Thaneshvar ( Haryana) to Kannauj ( Uttar Pradesh).

Three Sanskrit plays Ratnavali, Nagananda, and Priyadarsika were written by Harshavardhana.

Banabhatta was the court poet of Harsha and he wrote Harshacharita. Kadambari is a romantic novel in Sanskrit written by Banabhatta.

Hiuen-Tsang, the Chinese pilgrim, visited India during Harsha rule.

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