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Present an account of the mission included in the State Action Plan on Climate change in Uttar Pradesh. | UPPSC General Studies-VI (6) Mains Solutions 2023


Present an account of the mission included in the State Action Plan on Climate change in Uttar Pradesh.

 (UPPSC Mains General Studies-VI/GS-6 2023 Solutions)


"The National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC)" was released in 2008 and provides a strategy to deal with the challenge of Climate Change at the Indian level.

Later, the state government was asked to prepare a State-level action plan.

Delhi and Odissa were the first to prepare the "state action plan on climate change" in India.

Status of Greenhouse Emission in Uttar Pradesh ( as per 2005 data):

Uttar Pradesh is the largest contributor of national greenhouse gases.

Fossil fuel consumption, power generation, and agriculture are the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

Sonbhadra ( 27 %), Rae Bareli ( 5 %), and Gautam Buddha Nagar ( 4 %) are the three largest emitting districts of Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh has formulated the State Action Plan for Climate Change in line with the "National Action Plan on Climate Change".

There are 93 priorities and seven (7) missions that are included in the State Action Plan for Climate Change in Uttar Pradesh. The names of the seven missions are:

  • Sustainable agriculture mission 
  • Solar Mission
  • Energy Efficiency Mission 
  • Green Uttar Pradesh Forestry Mission 
  • Jal Mission
  • Strategic Knowledge Mission
  • Sustainable Habitat Mission

Sustainable agriculture mission:

Uttar Pradesh contributes about 19 % of the national food grain basket, however, due to climate change, there are concerns about food grain productivity.

In present trends, agricultural productivity will decline 25 % in irrigated areas and 50 % in rainfed areas due to climate change.

92 % of Uttar Pradesh's farmers are small and marginal farmers, which are more vulnerable to climate change.

Key priorities under this mission:

  • Promotion of the use of organic manures.
  • Promotion of Carbon Sequestration Agricultural Practices.
  • Diversification of cropping systems and promotion of abiotic stress-tolerant crop varieties.
  • Popularisation of Agro-forestry in the state.

Solar Mission:

Uttar Pradesh houses the largest number of energy poor in India.

Key priorities under this mission:

  • Promotion of the use of solar pumps in irrigation.
  • Promotion of standalone systems like solar street lighting systems.
  • Ensuring energy security through small-size ( MW) solar plants.

Energy Efficiency Mission:

This mission promotes energy efficiency in the state.

Seven energy-intensive clusters have been identified in Uttar Pradesh where energy efficiency is needed. 

This mission promotes the adoption of BEE star-labeled domestic appliances like ceiling fans, refrigerators, AC units, tube lights, etc.

Key priorities under this mission:

  • Energy Audits should be strictly enforced for all government buildings.
  • Sensors/Timers in the Street Lights should be made mandatory.
  • Reduction of Transmission & Distribution Losses in the Power Sector.

Green Uttar Pradesh ( Forestry) Mission:

Uttar Pradesh has launched Afforestation Vision 2030 to improve the afforestation drive in the state.

Key priorities under this mission:

  • Plantation (Afforestation and Reforestation) by Forest Department
  • Roadside/canal side plantation.
  • Promotion of Agro-Forestry.
  • Density Improvement program.

Jal Mission:

Many semi-arid and arid areas are particularly exposed to the impacts of climate change and are projected to suffer a decrease in water resources.

Key priorities under this mission:

  • Reducing the Gap between Irrigation Potential Created and Utilized through Restoration of Old Project.
  • Increasing Water Use Efficiency (through the lining of the canal), water metering, etc.
  • Management and regulation of groundwater.
  • Promotion of Watershed development.
  • Promotion of Wetland conservation.

Strategic Knowledge Mission:

This mission promotes the creation of " strategic knowledge on climate change" that would spread awareness of Climate change and help in mitigation.

Sustainable Habitat Mission:

This mission has three components: Sustainable Habitat, Sustainable Transport, and Health issues.

This mission promotes the construction of sustainable city roads and buildings with proper low-carbon habitation plans, housing for all, transit corridors, and parking are important priorities under this mission.

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