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Examine the role of the Chief Secretary in the administration of Uttar Pradesh. | UPPSC General Studies-V (5) Mains Solutions 2023


Examine the role of the Chief Secretary in the administration of Uttar Pradesh.

 (UPPSC Mains General Studies-V/GS-5 2023 Solutions)


The Chief Secretary is the highest Bureaucratic post ( IAS) and senior-most civil servant of the state government of India. It is appointed by the Chief Minister of the state.

The major role of the Chief Secretary in the Administration of Uttar Pradesh:

  • Administrative Head
  • Principal Advisor
  • Coordination
  • Crisis Management
  • Personnel Management

Administrative Head:

The Chief Secretary heads the state's civil services and oversees government policies and decisions.

Principal Advisor:

They act as the principal advisor to the Chief Minister on all matters of administration and policy, facilitating effective governance. 


They act as communication bridges between various departments of the state government, ensuring smooth inter-departmental functioning and resolving any administrative disputes.

Crisis Management:

During emergencies such as natural disasters or law and order problems, they ensure proper implementation of relief measures.

Personnel Management:

They handle key appointments, transfers, and postings of senior officers within the state.

The Chief Secretary is a key figure in the state's administration and plays a crucial role in policy implementation, coordination, and administrative oversight.

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