Urban land use UPSC

Urban Land use patterns defined the internal structure of the town. In rural areas, lands are used mostly for primary activities whereas land is used mostly for non-primary activities in urban areas. The following is the land-use status of India.

India's land use in 1993( as per NCERT data):

  • Forest: 22.44%
  • Agricultural uses:46.61%
  • Non-agricultural uses for urban area: 7.23%
  • Barren and uncultivated: 16 %
  • Fallow land( left uncultivated ) : 7.88 %

As per the 2011 census: 31.16  % urban population.
Urban lands are  uses for:
  • Residents
    • Slum area
    • Low-income residents
    • Middle-income residents
    • High-income residents
  • Factories or industries
  • Marketing or businesses areas
  • Parks
  • Transport: rail, road, stations, airports

The following models explain the land use pattern of the particular cities:
  • Concentric ring model by E. Burgess
  • Sectoral model by Hoyt
  • Multiple nucleus model by Ullman and Harris

UPSC previous year question:
  • Bring out the contrast between the internal structure of the pre-industrial and industrial cities. ( UPSC 1999)
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