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What are the evidences in support of the continental drift theory?


What are the evidences in support of the continental drift theory?


In 1912, German Meteorologist, Alfred Wegener gave the " Continental drift theory" to explain the present distributions of the continents and oceans.

The following are the five pieces of evidences in support of Continental Drift:

  • The Matching of Continents (Jig-Saw-Fit)
  • Rocks of Same Age Across the Oceans
  • Tillite
  • Placer Deposits
  • Distribution of Fossils

The Matching of Continents (Jig-Saw-Fit):

  • Unmistakable match of the shoreline of Africa and South America facing each other.

Rocks of Same Age Across the Oceans:

  • By using radio dating methods, it has been proved that rocks age of Brazil coast and Western Africa is the same; it is around 2000 million years old.


  • Tillites are sedimentary rocks formed by deposits of glaciers. There are Tillite deposits on the base of the Gondwana system in India. The same is also found in Africa, Falkland Island, Madagascar, Antarctica, and Australia. The presence of Tillite in this latitude is not possible. T present land must be drifted from somewhere else.

Placer Deposits:

  • There is the absolute absence of source rock of gold in the Ghana Coast but placer deposits of gold are found on the Ghana coast. Source rock of the gold is present on the Brazil coast. It means both lands were side by side.

Distribution of Fossils:

  • Identical species of plants and animals are found on either side of the marine barrier. 
  • For example, Lemurs occur in India, Madagascar, and Africa. It means these lands must be side by side.

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