Discuss the regional development issues in Bihar and suggest measures to improve the situation. | regional development issues in Bihar BPSC


 Discuss the regional development issues in Bihar and suggest measures to improve the situation. ( 64th BPSC 2019)


Bihar is an economically backward state and even within Bihar, development has not been uniform everywhere. Some areas of Bihar are more developed than other parts.

For example,

  • Patna, Muzaffarpur, and East Champaran districts are the three most prosperous districts of Bihar where the quality of life is good.
  • Sheohar, Sheikhpura, and Arwal districts are the three least developed districts of Bihar, where there is a lot of poverty.

Discuss the regional development issues in Bihar

Following are the regional development issues in Bihar:

Negligible Industrialization in Bihar:

  • The contribution of industry to Bihar's GDP is around 19% and is well below the national average of 30%. The industrial sector contribution of Jharkhand state (37.1% of GDP comes from manufacturing) is also much higher than that of Bihar.
  • The average salary per worker of Bihar is around 1.2 lakh per annum while the national is around Rs. 2.5 lakhs.


  • 73 % of Bihar's geographical area is flood-affected areas.
  • Annual floods in northern and southern Bihar cause widespread destruction and unemployment. Poor infrastructure in the region further exacerbates the destruction. Due to this the area here is less developed and is developing very slowly.
  • The intensity of floods is increasing year by year.

Low Growth in Agriculture Sectors:

  • About 70% of Bihar's workforce is directly engaged in agricultural activities while the contribution to the state's GDP is around 21%.
  • The average holding is about 0.4 ha.
  • Annual growth in agriculture in Bihar from 2001 to 2016was 2.04% while 3.2 % was recorded for the same for the country. has been recorded in the same country during the same period. 2% is recorded.

The concentration of wealth in some cities:

  • The city of Patna is attracting money, skills, etc. from the surrounding area due to which a lot of resources are saved in the neighboring area for its development like Arwal district is one of the least developed districts of Bihar. It is located near Patna.
  • Muzaffarpur is also drawing neighboring resources hence Sheohar which is near Muzaffarpur is also one of the least developed areas of ​​Bihar.

Corruption and caste-based elections.

  • Due to corruption and caste-based elections in the state, development in Bihar is facing a big hurdle.

Locational Factors:

  • Bihar is a landlocked state and inaccessible of marine resources. 
  • The states around Bihar are also not very developed.
  • It is far away from economically developed areas like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai.

Measures suggestion:

  • Need a business-friendly environment for investment.
  • There is a need for huge investment in infrastructure.
  • There is a need to solve the problem of floods.
  • The political system of the state should be reformed so that the confidence of the people and investors should be restored.

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