Discuss the role of family, society, and educational institutions in inculcating values


Discuss the role of family, society, and educational institutions in inculcating values. ( UPPSC, 2020)


Values ​​are those beliefs that are very important to the individual and he/she does not want to compromise on them, and based on the values ​​we make decisions in daily life.

For example, 

  • fairness, honesty, integrity, impartiality, etc. are my values. We use it in our decisions.

Values ​​are not what we inherit from birth, they are acquired by the external environment like family, society, and educational institutions.

Role of family in inculcating values:

Mother, father, grandmother, and grandfather are the four main members of the family and children derive most of their value from these four in childhood. The following are some of the values ​​that we instill in the family.

Gender Sensitivity: 

  • The child treats women in the same way as the father treats the mother. If the boy in the family differentiates from the girl, then the same value comes in the child living in it.

Respect for elders: 

  • If elders are respected in the family, then the child also becomes the one to give respect to the elders.

Democratic Values ​​or Authoritarian Values:

  •  If the members of the family take the support of democratic values ​​in the decision of daily life, then democratic values get developed in children also.

Similarly family inculcates other following values:

  • non-discriminatory
  • feeling of compassion
  • Superstition or Scientific Value
  • conservative thinking or innovative thinking

Following are the values ​​which we develop from society:

  • Our beliefs and values ​​develop on the basis of our culture and our culture emerges from society. For example,
  • A person from a business community gives more importance to money management and has the value of managing money more effectively than other people.
  • A poor person does not waste food because he knows the value of food.

The following are other values ​​that we develop from society:

  • brotherhood,
  • Justice or fairness
  • Non-discrimination
  • Acceptance
  • Recognition
  • care to other

Role of Educational Institutions in inculcating Values:

  • Education provides us a platform where we can compare our learned values ​​with global values ​​by learning from philosophers. 
  • Through logical reasoning, we also change our created values ​​and also create new values.

For example,

  • Society taught us caste discrimination values, but when we get an education, the logical reason is developed and we find that caste discrimination is not a value and we should treat human beings equally.
  • For nation-building, there should be social harmony and peace within the individual and the society.
  • Teamwork is the value we get from education.
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