Prepare a work plan for disaster management for any one state of India.


Prepare a work plan for disaster management for any one state of India.  ( UPPSC, 2020, 15 Marks)


According to the Disaster Management Act 2005, a disaster is a serious catastrophic event in any area resulting in substantial loss of human life and also considerable destruction of property and environment which may be natural or man-made, and it is beyond the ability of communities of the disaster affected areas to compete.

Following are the action plans for disaster management for Uttar Pradesh:

We know that there is a universally accepted plan for disaster management which has four phases as follows:

  • Mitigation [prevention and risk reduction]
  • Preparation
  • response
  • recovery

Non-ambiguous responsibility should be fixed in the above four-stage.

The main focus should be on mitigation, and avoidance of disaster in the following ways:

  • The cause, preparation, action should be analyzed for various disasters which have already occurred.
  • For example, the following disasters have occurred in Uttar Pradesh,
    • 1888: Moradabad Hailstorms
    • 1954, 2013: Prayag Raj Kumbh Mela Stampede
    • 2012, 2013: Floods in northern India
    • covid-19 pandemic
  • Mapping of the future disaster in Uttar Pradesh
  • Using disaster resistance and mitigation technologies and implementing them within short, medium, and long-term time frames.
  • Incorporate risk reduction planning into outgoing and future development projects
  • Reducing disaster risk in existing infrastructure
  • To empower the local population against the disaster that may happen there.
  • Ensuring usability of more than one airport in each district, across the state

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