What are garrison towns? What is their function?


What are Garrisson towns? What is their function? 

(NCERT class 12 geography, India People and Economy, Chapter 4: Human Settlement.)


Many towns and cities perform certain functions and are known for their special activities. In the functional classification of cities, Indian cities are classified into several types such as administrative towns, mining towns, transport towns, etc, garrison towns being one such type.

A garrison town is a town specially built for defense purposes. Garrison town has its origins during the British period. It is the fortification of defense personnel from the Navy or Air Force or Army or all.

The following are the main functions of the garrison (cantonment) town:

  • The city is mainly the settlements of defense personnel as well as their defense equipment.
  • It is made for national security.
  • It maintains defense equipment.
  • This garrison keeps an eye on the activities around the city and looks after the security of the nation.

Some of the major garrison towns of India are Ambala (Haryana), Jalandhar (Punjab), and Mhow/Dr. Ambedkar Nagar (Madhya Pradesh), Jhansi has Babina (Uttar Pradesh), Ramgarh (Jharkhand), etc.

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