Explain the concept of Environmental Determinism in human geography.


Explain the concept of Environmental Determinism in human geography.

(Class 12 geography, Fundamentals of Human GeographyChapter -1. Human Geography -Nature and Scope )


As we know, Human geography is the study of the relationship between the physical environment and humans.
Earlier our society was primitive, at that time there was low technological development and low socio-economic development. In this stage, people adopted themselves according to nature. They eat what was available naturally and share their joys and sorrows with the surrounding environment. Human beings were natural, they feared the wrath of nature and worshiped nature for mercy.

Man lived in perfect harmony with nature to sustain himself. The physical environment had become "mother nature" for primitive society.

The relationship between primitive human society and the dominant forces of nature was called environmental determinism.

Environmental determinism (determinism) is a view of human geography that believes that human actions are subordinate to the dominant forces of nature. All human activities like eating, drinking, living, etc. are all determined by nature.

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