Explain the concept of Neo-Determinism or Stop and Go determinism thought in human geography.


Explain the concept of Neo-Determinism or Stop and Go determinism thought in human geography.
(Class 12 geography, Fundamentals of Human GeographyChapter -1. Human Geography -Nature and Scope )


The British geographer, Griffith Taylor, introduced the concept of neo-determinism or stop-and-go determinism in geography, which contrasts ideas between environmental determinism and possibilism. Neither does nature control us completely (as propounded by environmental determinism) nor does it give us complete freedom to modify the environment (as propounded by possibilism thought). This means that human beings have to take a middle path for their development and for change in the environment. Man can conquer nature by following the laws of nature.

According to the concept of neo-determinism or stop and go determinism, the physical environment (nature) acts as a traffic controller;
(green light); Nature allows us to modify nature then we should go for development and change the physical environment.
(red light); When nature does not allow us to modify nature, we should stop it otherwise it will harm us through natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, ozone depletion, etc.

Nature has given us possibilities but possibilities can be created within a limit that does not harm the environment. There is no free run without an accident; The free development of the country resulted in accidents like the greenhouse gas effect, depletion of the ozone layer, global warming, land degradation, etc. Nature gives us time to correct our actions to avoid these little accidents.

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