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What is the significance of age structure?


What is the significance of age structure?

(Class 12 geography, Fundamentals of Human GeographyChapter-3. Population Composition )


Age structure is one of the important indicators of population composition and it provides us with a many of information regarding the population which helps the government to take many decisions and formulate policies.

The following are the importance of age structure:

The age structure of the population provides us with knowledge about the working age population[ 15 to 59 age group], the senior citizen population[ more than 60-year-old population], and the youthful population[ less than 15 years old].

The large size of the population in the age group of 15 to 59 years indicates the large share of the working population which are assets of the country for development.

The large share of the population which has more than 59 years old indicated an aging population, which means requires more expenditure on health and pension expenditure.

A large share of children under the 15 age group indicates the high birth rate of the population which means the population will grow fast and will be a youthful population.

The age structure of the population tells us how the government would work to manage the population and make the population an asset, not a burden.

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