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Explain the eightfold path given by Buddha for the purification of conduct. | UPPSC General Studies 4 Mains ETHICS Solutions 2022


Explain the eightfold path given by Buddha for the purification of conduct. (UPPSC 2022)


The eightfold path is a set of principles taught by Buddha and it is part of his teaching of four noble truths. The eightfold path of Buddha is considered purification of conduct. The eightfold path is followed as;

Right view; Understanding the nature of reality, which help individual to know the reality of things.

Right intention; Individuals should cultivate the intention of goodwill, harmlessness, and helpfulness. The right intention of individuals helps them to free their minds from evil.

Right speech; Individuals should speak the truth and kindly, avoiding harmful speech. The individual should not speak about the things which hurt others.

Right action-Acting ethically and avoiding behaviors such as stealing violence, and sexual misconduct. The individual should work good work for others.

Right livelihood; Individuals should live a life with honest and ethical earnings. Individuals should respect life.

Right effort; Cultivating positive mental states and overcoming negative ones. The individual should make the right effort to resist evils.

Right mindfulness; Developing awareness and paying attention to one thoughts, feelings, and actions. Right mindfulness helps individuals to control their own thoughts.

Right concentration; developing mental focus and concentration through meditation and other practices.

 The above eightfold path is considered for the purification of conduct and it is the path to liberation from suffering, which leads to the development of wisdom, ethical conduct, and mental clarity.

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