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Acids Present in Fruits and Vegetables UPSC PSC Science Notes

The following are essential acids that are found in Fruits and Vegetables:

Acetic acid: 

Pickles and Vinegar are rich in Acetic acid.

Citric acid:

Lemons and oranges are rich sources of Citric acid.

Benzoic acid:

Benzoic acid is used in food preservation.  Strawberries are rich in Benzoic acid.

Malic acid: 

Apple is a rich source of Malic Acid, which is why it is also known as Apple Acid. Malic acid makes apples sour. 

Oxalic acid: 

Tomato is a rich source of Oxalic Acid. Oxalic acid makes tomatoes sour. Oxalic acid is mainly found in green leafy vegetables. 

Tartaric acid: 

Tartaric Acid acids are found abundantly in grapes, tamarind, and bananas. It is used in manufacturing baking powder.

Lactic Acid: 

Lactic Acid is present in Sour Milk and curd. Accumulation of Lactic Acid in muscle leads to fatigue.

Carbonyl Acid:

Carbonyl Acid is found in Soft Drink and Soda Water.

Butyric Acid:

Butter smells foul due to the presence of Butyric Acid.

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