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Carnatic Wars or Anglo-Carnatic Wars ( 1749-1763) | Notes, Treaty, Years, Important facts

Carnatic Wars or Anglo-Carnatic Wars ( 1749-1763):

"Carnatic" refers to the region comprising parts of modern-day Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. The Anglo-Carnatic Wars were a series of three conflicts fought in the Carnatic region of South India between the British East India Company and the French East India Company in the 18th century.

The First Carnatic War :

The following are important facts about the First Carnatic War:

Year: 1746-1748

Associated Persons: French governor of Mauritius, St. Thome, Major Stringer Lawrence ( British), Mahfuz Khan ( Mughal)


The powerful Indian army ( 10000 Sepoy) of Mahfuz Khan was defeated by a very small French force ( 700 Sepoy) under Captain Paradise at St. Thome on the banks of the River Adyar.

Treaty: Treaty of "Aix-la-Chapelle (1748)" ended the Austrian War of Succession. As per this treaty, Madras was returned to the British while the French received their possessions in North America. 

The Second Carnatic War:

The following are important facts about the Second Carnatic War:

Year: 1749-1754

Associated Persons: The French governor Dupleix and Robert Clive

Treaty: Treaty of Pondicherry ( 1754)

Outcome: The treaty aimed to restore territories to their pre-war status.

The Third Carnatic War:

The following are important facts about the third Carnatic War:

Year: 1757-1763

Treaty: Treaty of Paris ( 1763)


The French Army ( under Arthur de Lally) wanted to capture the Wandiwash in Tamil Nadu, however, the English defeated them under the leadership of General Eyre Coote. 

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