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Chalcolithic Culture of Uttar Pradesh | Protohistory of Uttar Pradesh | History, Civilization, Culture, and Ancient Cities of UP | UPPSC General Studies ( GS)-V

Chalcolithic age of Uttar Pradesh :

The Chalcolithic age is also known as the copper age as copper was the first known metal used by humans in this period.

It was a transitional phase between the Neolithic and Bronze Age. Copper and Stone tools were both used in the Chalcolithic age. 

Evidence of the Chalcolithic period is found in Uttar Pradesh and also in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu.

The use of the Potter's wheel was the major technological advancement in the Chalcolithic period of India.

Black and Red Ware ( BRW) utensils are the major ceramic industry of the copper period.

Black color was usually used in the inner part of the pottery and the red color was used on the outer part of the pottery.

During this period, completely red or black earthen pots were also made.

Important Sites of the Chalcolithic Period in Uttar Pradesh:

  • Jhusi ( Prayagraj )
  • Lahuradewa ( Sant Kabir Nagar)
  • Sohgaura ( Gorakhpur)

The pottery of the Chalcolithic period (Black and Red Ware (BRW)) has been found in Jhusi, Lahuradewa, and Sohgaura.

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