Write an essay on the bright future of solar energy in India.


Write an essay on the bright future of solar energy in India. ( UPPSC, 2020, 15 Marks)


India is a tropical country and has immense potential for harnessing solar energy.

Current Status of Solar Energy in India:

  • So far as of November 2021, the generation of solar power (47GW) accounts for the largest share of the generation of renewable energy (100.3 GW). Wind power generation (40 GW) now ranks second.
  • Rajasthan (9 GW) and Karnataka (7.5 GW) are the largest solar power-producing states.

Following are the favorable conditions that enable a bright future for solar energy in India:

  • The Tropic of Cancer in India passes almost through the middle of the country, which is why there is an average of 250-300 sunny days in a year across India.
  • It is estimated that India receives solar energy equivalent to 5000 trillion kWh a year.
  • Various government initiatives are being run in India for solar energy such as rooftop schemes, solar park schemes, visibility gap funding, UDAY scheme, solar pump, and the development of solar cities.
  • India is part of the International Solar Alliance and its headquarter is also located in Gurugram, India.

Challenges of Solar Energy:

  • Silicon is the major raw material for making solar cells in abundance in nature but special grade silicon for making solar cells is very limited in India.
  • India imports 90% of its raw material for solar cell and module requirements and most (80%) of it is from China.
  • The energy generated from photovoltaic solar cells is 3 to 5 times more expensive than conventional sources of energy production.
  • Recycling the waste generated by solar cells is an environmental concern.
  • Providing land for setting up solar plants incurs a high cost.

Overall, solar energy is a better option than other renewable energy and has a very bright future in India.

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