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Write a short note on the High-Tech industry.


Write a short note on the High-Tech industry.

(Class 12 geography, Fundamentals of Human Geography, Chapter 6. Secondary Activities )


High technology or high-tech industry is the latest generation of manufacturing activities in which high scientific knowledge and engineering are used in manufacturing activities. In the example of high-tech industries, we keep those industries that use robotics on the assembly line, computer-aided design (CAD) in the manufacturing process, electronic control in melting metals, etc. High-tech industries also include industries of new chemical and medicinal products because high scientific knowledge and research are used in these too.

In the high-tech industry, the number of specialized professional workers (white collar) exceeds the actual production workers (blue collar). The use of intensive research and development (R&D) and the best application of advanced scientific knowledge and engineering is common in the high-tech industry.

Another term called "technopolies" is related to the high-tech industry. Those high technology industries that are regionally concentrated, self-sustaining, and highly specialized are called technopolies. Bangalore's Silicon Valley is an example of India's technopolies. Silicon Valley near San Francisco (in the USA) and the Silicon Forest near Seattle (in the US state of Oregon) are examples of technopolies of the world.

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