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State Government ( Governor and Chief Minister) MCQ [ Source M Laxmikant] | Polity MCQ [ SET-20]

State Government ( Governor and Chief Minister) 

1. Which of the following article say that Chief Minister shall be appointed by Governor?

a) Article 161

b) Article 162

c) Article 163

d) Article 164

Answer. d) Article 164

Article 163: Council of Ministers to aid and advise Governor.

Article 164: Chief minister shall be appointed by Governor.

Article 166: Conduct of Business of the Government of the state.

Article 167: Duties of Chief Minister.

2. The provision of “Number of Ministers including Chief Minister of the state shall not be less than 12” includes which constitutional amendment act?

a) 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act 1976

b) 44th Constitutional Amendment Act 1978

c) 86th Constitutional Amendment Act 2002

d) 91st Constitutional Amendment Act 2003

Answer. d) 91st Constitutional Amendment Act 2003.

3. High court Judges hold the office until the age of?

a) 60

b) 62

c) 64

d) 65

Answer. b) 62


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