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Headquarters of the " Green Peace International" is located at

 The Headquarters of the " Greenpeace International" is located at

a) Amsterdam

b) Canberra

c) Ottawa

d) Nagasaki

Answer. a) Amsterdam, Netherland

Canberra is the capital of Australia.

Ottawa is the capital of Canada.

Nagasaki is a city in Japan, which was bombed on 9 August 1945 by a Nuclear bomb (code name: fat man).

About Greenpeace International:

Greenpeace International was founded in 1971 to protect biodiversity and prevent environmental pollution.

Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands

About the United Nations Environment Programme ( UNEP):

United Nations Environment Programme ( UNEP) was founded on 5 June 1972, after the United Nations Conference of Stockholm. 

That is why World Environment Protection Day is being observed on 5 June. 

UNEP  acts as the bridge between world environmental issues and the United Nations system.

The Headquarters of UNEP is located in Nairobi, Kenya.

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