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Indian Parliament consists of:

 Indian Parliament consists of:

a) President, Lok Sabha, and Rajya Sabha

b) Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

c) Speaker, Lok Sabha, and Rajya Sabha

d) Lok Sabha

Answer. a) President, Lok Sabha, and Rajya Sabha

 Indian Parliament consists of the President, Lok Sabha ( Lower House), and Rajya Sabha ( Upper House or Council of States)

Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are known as the bicameralism legislature of Parliament. The concept of Bicameralism legislature of Parliament is borrowed from the UK Parliament.

Lok Sabha Compositions:

At present: 543 Members 

Total strength: 550 ( 530 from States, 20 from Union Territories) 

The reservation of two seats of Anglo India Communities has been abolished by the 104th Constitution Amendment Act 2019.

Composition of Rajya Sabha:

At present: 245 members ( 12 nominated, 3 from Union Territories, 230 from States)

Maximum Strength: 250 ( 238 from States and Union Territories, 12 members nominated from Arts field)

Other Key Facts related to Parliament:

Article 62: President

Article 79: Parliament

Article 80: Rajya Sabha

Article 81:  Article 81 specified the total strength of the Lok Sabha

Article 110: Voting and Quorum

Article 108: Join Sitting

Article 110: Money Bill

Article 112: Budget or Financial Annual Statement

Article 75: The Council of the Minister shall be collectively responsible to the Lok Sabha.

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