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Who conducts the elections to the Gram Panchayats?

Who conducts the elections to the Gram Panchayats?

a) Central Election Commission

b) State Election Commission

c) Chief Secretary

d) Governor of the State

Answer. b) State Election Commission

Key Facts about the Elections:

Article 324: Central Election Commission. 

Election of General Election, State Legislative Election, President, and Vice President elections are conducted by the Central Election Commission.

Article 326: Voting rights.

18 ( eighteen) is a voting right and it is a constitutional right, which is mentioned in Article 326. It is also known as Universal Adult Franchise ( UNF) and Universal Adult Suffrage ( UNS).

61st Constitution Amendment Act 1988  ( implemented in 1989), reduced the voting age from 21 to 18.

Article 243 K: 

Election of Panchayats by State Election Commission.

Election of Gram Panchayat and Municipalities are conducted by the State Election Commission.

Article 153: 

There shall be a governor of the state.

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