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The constitution of India describes India as

 The constitution of India describes India as

a) A Union of States

b) Quasi-federal

c) A federation of state and union territories

d) A unitary State

Answer. a) A Union of States

As per Article 1 in Part 1 of the Indian Constitution, India is the Union of States. 

In the constituent Assembly, Dr B R Ambedkar said that " 'Union of States" has been preferred to 'Federation of States' for two reasons: 

The Indian Federation is not the result of an agreement among the states, like the American Federation. 

The states have no right to secede from the federation.

Other Key Points:

Quasi-federal means despite having two clear sets of government central and the states, more powers are given to the Central Government

As per K C Wheare, the Indian government is Quasi-federal. Because at the time of emergency, India acts as a unitary form of government. 

Indian Federation is based on the Canadian Federation with a strong center. 

A unitary government is a kind of government system in which power is concentrated at a single level  ( the central government).

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