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Salem is famous for the production of which ore.

 Salem is famous for the production of which ore.

a) Hematite

b) Magnesite

c) Limonite

d) Siderite

Answer. b) Magnesite is a refractory material used by Steel Planst and they are found in Salem, Tamil Nadu.

About Salem:

Salem is located in Tamil Nadu and it is famous for the production of Magnesite, Bauxide ( Aluminium ore), and iron ore. 

Salem Steel Plant is located in Salem. It is a unit of Steel Authority of India Limited and is a steel plant involved in the production of stainless steel.

Iron Ore:

There are four main types of iron ore deposits namely:

Magnetite ( About 70 % iron content): It is the finest ore among all the ore of iron.

Hematite ( About 60 % iron content)

Titanomagnetite ( Limonite)

Pisolitic ironstone (Siderite)

Iron Pyrite is also known as fool gold.

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