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Which Article of the Indian Constitution deals with Citizenship?

 Which Article of the Indian Constitution deals with Citizenship?

a) Article 5

b) Article 15

c) Article 18

d) Article 23

Answer. a) Article 5

Article 5: Deals with Citizenship

Article 15: No discrimination based on religion, gender, caste, race, and place of birth

Article 18: Abolition of title

Article 23: Prohibition of Trafficking in Human Beings and Forced Labor.

Article 24: No child below the age of fourteen years to work in any factory or mine.

About Citizenship:

Citizenship is mentioned in Part II of the Indian Constitution from Articles 5 to 11.

Article 11:  Parliament has the power to regulate the right of citizenship by law.

The concept of Citizenship is borrowed from the United Kingdom ( UK).

India has single citizenship.

Ministry of Home Affairs is a nodal minister to manage the Citizenship.

The five modes to acquire Citizenship: Mnemonic: BRAND ( Birth, Registration, Acquisition, Naturalization, Descent)

The three modes to lose Citizenship are Termination, Deprivation, and Renunciation  ( Mnemonic: TDR)

The Citizenship Act of 1955  has been amended six times in 1986, 1992, 2003, 2005, 2015, and 2019.

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