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The Theory of Evolution was put forward by

 The "Theory of Evolution" was put forward by

a) Louis Pasteur

b) Aristotle

c) Gregor Mendel

d) Charles Darwin

Answer. d) Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin (1809 to 1882):

Charles Darwin gave two important theories:

1. Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection

2. Survival of the fittest ( book Origin of Species); the organisms best adapted to the environment are more likely to survive and reproduce.

Gregor Mendel:

Gregor Mendel is known as the father of genetics. He discovered the basic principles of heredity.

He made a hybridization experiment on the Garden Peas ( Pisum sativum).

Louis Pasteur:

Louis Pasteur is best known for the discovery of Pasteurization.

Pasteurization kills microbes and prevents spoilage of milk.

Pasteurization of Milk: 62.8 degrees for 30 minutes

Pasteurization of Milk: 71.7 degrees centigrade for 15 seconds.

Wilhelm Johannsen:

Gene was discovered by Wilhelm Johannsen in 1909.


Aristotle was an ancient Greek philosopher.

He is known for metaphysics.

He used function, classification, and hierarchy to explain everything.

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