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R.P Mishra theory of regional planning

Perroux and Bauldevile did not mention the population concept in growth poles and growth centers respectively. Indian geographer, Dr. R.P Mishra integrated the population concept with growth poles & growth centers. 
As per R.P Mishra, there should be five levels of growth location in larger countries for regional planning. The five levels are: 

  • Growth poles 
  • Growth center 
  • Growth points 
  • Service center 
  • Market village

Growth poles
It is the first rank city of the countries having at least more than 25 lakh population that works as growth poles of the countries. Massive economic activities may happen in the growth poles and diffusion & spread out of these economic activities around the poles benefits the whole regions. 
For example, 
the Growth poles of India are Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bangalore. 

Growth center
It is the second rank city having a population of around 5 lakh and it serves the growth points. 
For example, 
the capital city ( Lucknow, Patna, Bhopal, etc) of Indian states and some other large cities( Bokaro, Dhanbad) are the growth center of the countries. 

Growth point
These are third rank cities and have approximately 1 lakh population and serve the service center around the growth point. 
For examples, 
districts level cities such as Renukoot city of Uttar Pradesh the examples of growth points. 

Service center
The cities have around 20, 000 population and serve the market village around the services center. The service center provides some specific types of services such as hospitals, schools, and banking. 

Market villages
 It has around 5000 population that serves the villages around the market village and can be involved in small non-primary activities such as food processing, craft, etc.

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