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Contribution of British Geographers to the field of geography

 The following are some prominent British geographers who contributed to the field of geography:

  • Halford J Mackinder
  • Sir Patrick Gedda
  • Huge Robert Mill
  • Andrew J. Herberton
  • Richard J Charley
  • Pete Haggett

Halford J Mackinder:

  • He was the founder of the British school of geography and also the founder of geopolitics theory( i.e Mackinder theory).
  • During his term, a separate geography department was opened at Oxford University.

Sir Patrick Gedda:

  • He contributed to economic geography and coin the new term conurbation in economic geography.

Huge Robert Mill:

  • He contributed to climatology and prepared rainfall maps of Britain.

Andrew J. Herberton:

  • He contributed to regional geography.
  • He made division the world into 15 natural regions based on the homogeneity in climate, soil, relief, and vegetation.

Richard J Charley:

  • He contributed to the evolution of the quantitative revolution in geography.
  • He applied geographical knowledge to outgoing problems and used statistical and mathematical techniques in geography.

Pete Haggett:

  • He was also in support of the quantitative revolution.
  • He made a contribution to locational analysis in human geography.

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