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Contribution of British Geographers to the field of geography

 The following are some prominent British geographers who contributed to the field of geography:

  • Halford J Mackinder (1861–1947)
  • Sir Patrick Gedda
  • Huge Robert Mill
  • Andrew J. Herberton
  • Richard J Charley
  • Peter Haggett
  • Sir Dudley Stamp (1898–1966)
  • Timothy O'Riordan

Halford J Mackinder (1861–1947) :

  • Sir Halford John Mackinder was the founder of the British School of Geography.
  • Mackinder is known for his work in geopolitics and his formulation of the "Heartland Theory," which suggested that control of the Eurasian landmass's heartland was crucial for global power. His ideas have had a lasting impact on the study of political geography.
  • During his term, a separate geography department was opened at Oxford University.

Sir Patrick Gedda:

  • He contributed to economic geography and coined the new term conurbation in economic geography.

Huge Robert Mill:

  • He contributed to climatology and prepared rainfall maps of Britain.

Andrew J. Herberton:

  • He contributed to regional geography.
  • He made division the world into 15 natural regions based on the homogeneity in climate, soil, relief, and vegetation.

Richard J Charley:

  • He contributed to the evolution of the quantitative revolution in geography.
  • He applied geographical knowledge to outgoing problems and used statistical and mathematical techniques in geography.

Peter Haggett:

  • Peter Haggett was also in support of the quantitative revolution. 
  • Peter Haggett has contributed to spatial analysis and human geography.
  • Haggett was a prominent human geographer known for his work in spatial analysis and the study of human migration, urbanization, and transportation. He contributed to the development of quantitative methods in geography.
Sir Dudley Stamp (1898–1966): 

Sir Dudley Stamp was a pioneer in physical and regional geography. He played a key role in the development of geomorphology and soil geography and contributed to the study of human-environment interactions.

Timothy O'Riordan: 

Timothy O'Riordan is known for his contributions to environmental geography, particularly in the areas of sustainable development, resource management, and policies related to climate change and energy.

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