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Contribution of French Geographers in the field of geography

 The following are some Prominent French geographers who contributed to the field of geography:

  • Philippe Buache
  • Elisee Reclus
  • Vidal De La Blache
  • Emmanuel De Martone
  • Lucien Febvre

Contribution of Philippe Buache to geography:

  • Philippe Bouche was the royal geographer of France in 1729.
  • He was the first to use contour lines to represent relief.
  • They divided the earth by sea and river systems.
  • Hypothetically, he spoke of the belief in the existence of the southern continents, which later proved to be true.


Contribution of Elisee Reclus to geography.

  • He was a supporter of the conservation of the environment, and he worked on environmental geography.
  • He opposed meat-eating habits.
  • He was a supporter of social ecology and the animal rights movement. 
  • He published the book" The earth and its Inhabitants";

Contribution of Vidal De la Blache to geography:

  • He was the father of french human geography and the founder of the Possibilism perspective of geography and he criticized the determinism thought.
  • As per Vidal De La Blache, nature and culture are closely related.

Contribution of Emmanuel De Martone to geography:

  • Emmanuel De Martone was the founder of General Physical geography in France. He did many studies mainly on geomorphology He was also a supporter of the Possibilism thought of geography.

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