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Contribution of Soviet ( Russian) Geographers to the field of geography

The following are prominent Soviet (Russian) geographers who contributed to the field of geography-

  •  Pyotr Semenov Tyan-Shansky
  • Aleksandr Voeikov
  • Dmitry Anuchin
  • Semyon Remezov

Pyotr Semenov Tyan-Shansky :

  • He used geographical knowledge to reduce the poverty. He contributed to human geography and in making geography useful to society.

Aleksandr Voeikov:

  • He was a Russian meteorologist. He worked on the heat and water balance of the earth. He tried to apply the knowledge of climatology in the field of agriculture geography.

Dmitry Anuchin:

  • Anuchin supported the indication of geography and was against the dichotomy between physical and human geography.

Semyon Remezov:

  • He contributed the geomorphology and prepared the first Atlas of Siberia.
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