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Write short notes on Drought-prone areas of India.


Write short notes on Drought-prone areas of India. ( UPPSC, 2020, 10 Marks)


Drought is a situation called when crops dry up and animal productivity decreases due to prolonged insufficient rainfall, excessive evaporation, over-use of groundwater and water from reservoirs.

Drought-prone regions of India:

Indian agriculture is largely dependent on monsoon rains and the uncertainty in monsoon leads to crop failure and drought conditions in the country.

According to estimates,

  • Every year 19 percent of the total geographical areas and 12 percent of the total population of the country suffer due to drought.

On the basis of the severity of drought, India can be divided into three dry regions:

Drought-prone areas of India

Extremely drought-prone regions :

This is the region where the annual rainfall is less than 90 mm.


  • Most of Rajasthan (West of Aravalli Hills)
  • Kutch Region Gujarat

Severely Drought Affected Areas:


  • Parts of eastern Rajasthan
  • Most of Madhya Pradesh
  • South Jharkhand
  • Interior of Odisha
  • Telangana and Karnataka Plateau
  • North Tamil Nadu

Moderate Drought Affected Area:


  • The northern part of Rajasthan, Punjab, and Haryana
  • Eastern Maharashtra and Karnataka and Southern Uttar Pradesh
  • some areas of Tamil Nadu

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