Soils of Uttar Pradesh

 Soil variations are as follow:

Soils of Western Plains Region 

  • Districts: Saharanpur, Meerut, Muzaffarpur, Pilphiti, Bareilly
  • Soils are deep brown and loamy(comprised of gravel, stones, sand, silt).
  • Soil is a little acidic in nature.
  • Soil is also alkaline in some areas of Western Plains. 

Lal, Mar, Rakar, and Parwa are varieties of soil found in Bundelkhand.

Central region

  • Lakhimpur Kheri, Sitapur, Lucknow, Hardoi, Kanpur
  • Sandy loams, 

Banjar Soils:

  • It is also called "Bhat " locally. 
  • It is found in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh; some districts are Gorakhpur, Basti,  Gonda, Siddharthnagar. 

Usar and Reh soils:

  • Usar and Reh are salt-affected areas of Lucknow, Raibareily, Unnao, Etawah.

Mixed Red and black soil:

  • District: Jhansi, Mirzapur, Sonebhadra, and Part of Allahabad, Chakia, and Varanasi districts.
  • Black soils are rich in calcium and it is fertile.

Red Soil:

  • It is two types, locally it is called "Parwa" and "Racker".
  • Parwa is sandy loamy.
  • Racker is of an alkaline nature.

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