Characteristics and productivity of regur or black soil |Geography of India| UPSC Geography Paper 2

Black soils distributions in India
Black soils distributions in India

There are other two names for Black soils :
  • Regur soil
  • Cotton soil
Distribution of black soils in India:
  • 16.6 % of the total areas of India are covered by black soil.
  • It is found in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.

Characteristics of black soils:
  • It has high clay content, because of high clay, wide cracks developed during the dry season.
  • Black color is due to the presence of iron and aluminum, due to high iron content, black soils do not erode easily by winds and water.
  • Poor in humus but has high water retention capacity.
  • A small portion of potash is found but phosphorus and nitrogen are nearly absent.

Black soils are generally two types:
  • Light black soils are found on highlands.
  • Deep black soils are found in lowlands or valleys.

The productivity of regur or black soil:
  • Deep black soil is highly productive due to the presence of high clay, iron, potash, and humus content.
  • Black soils are suitable for Cotton, vegetable, large coarse grains. For high cotton yield, need a dry atmosphere and moist soil, hence black soil is most suitable for cotton cultivation.
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