Mention the recent efforts made by Govt. of India for the development of water transportation.


Mention the recent efforts made by Govt. of India for the development of water transportation. ( UPPSC, 2020, 10 Marks)


Water transport includes inland water transport and coastal shipping.

  • The cost of water transport (25 to 30 paise per km) is very low as compared to road transport (Rs 1.5 per km) and railways (Rs 1 per km).
  • Water transport is very cheap and environment friendly and developed water transport makes the country's products competitive in the global market.
  • The share of inland water transport in India in 2016 was 3.5% which was much less than the 30 to 40% share in countries like China, South Korea, France, Germany, etc.
Following are the recent efforts made by the government: Government of India for the development of water transport:
  • The Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) was established in 1986 for the overall development of waterways in India.
  • There is a total of 111 waterways in India and 106 waterways have been declared as National Waterways. Some important ones are:
  • National Waterway (NW1) on the Ganges (Prayagraj-Haldia, 1620 km)
  • National Waterway (NW2) on the Brahmaputra River (Dhubri-Sadiya, 891 km)
  • National Waterway (NW3) on West Bank Canal (Kottapuram-Kollam, 205 km)
  • The Ministry of Shipping has drawn up a plan for the development of coastal shipping, tourism, and regional cargo for coastal transport and cruise tourism. For example, Ro-Ro, Hybrid Ro-Ro, the truck carrier has been launched in coastal states like Gujarat.
  • Jal Marg Vikas Project and Sagarmala Project have taken initiatives to enhance inland water transport.
  • The government has focused on multi-mode logistic support by integrating water, road, and rail modes.
national waterways in india
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