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Discuss the problems and prospects of air transport in India. | Indian Geography | UP PCS Optional Geography Mains Paper 2 2019

Discuss the problems and prospects of air transport in India.
( UPPSC, UP PCS, 2019, 15 Marks)
भारत में हवाई परिवहन की समस्याओं और संभावनाओं पर विवेचना कीजिये।


There are four means of transport:

  • Roadways
  • Trainways
  • Waterway
  • Airwaves

Airways transport is the most advanced and latest means of transport.
The following are characteristics of air transport:

  • This is the fastest way of transport in modern times.
  • It is also the most expensive due to the cost of the high fuel
  • It can be used to reach remote and inaccessible areas such as forests, deserts, and mountain terrain.
  • It plays an important role in times of emergencies like war, floods.

At present, there are 34 international airports and more than 400 airports in India. Before 2017 there were two bodies:
  • Air India International Limited operates international Airlines.
  • Indian Airline to operate domestic services.
In 2007, Air India and Indian Airlines merged and become the national aviation company of India (NACIL)

Problems of Air transport in India:

  • 80 % of the Indian aviation market is based on the low-cost airline market.
  • As per CRISIL Research, nearly 35 to 40 % of operation cost comes from fuel only and is highly dependent on import and dollar price.
  • Overall expansion and increasing debt also increase the overall operation cost which leads to losses in most of the aviation industries.

Prospects of Air Transport in India:
At present, India's air transport sector is growing very fast and currently, it is the third highest market in the world.  The favorable climate of India is suitable for the growth of Air transport.

  • Regional Connectivity scheme, 
  • Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik (UDAN)
  • Infrastructure development through PPP-Public Private Partnership
  • The middle class and richer class in India is growing very fast and preferable to save time against money as growth will boost the demand for air passengers.

New Challenging are emerging such as COVID-19, however, there is a bright future for air transport networks.
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