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Experience of regional planning in India UPSC | Regional Development and Planning | Geography of India

There are two approaches used to planning in India:

  • Sectoral planning
  • Regional planning

Sectoral planning:

  • Formation and implementation are a set of schemes to target various sectors of the economy such as agriculture, manufacturing, services, power, transport, construction, etc.

Regional planning:

There are unequal development and unequal distribution of resources in-country also. The plan aims to target a specific region for inclusive development and aim to reduce the regional imbalance is called regional planning.

The 8th five-year plan specified the program of the special area such as Hilly areas, North-Eastern state development, tribal areas, and backward areas development.

Based on the implementation times, it can be categorized into two types:

  • Long terms plan: More than 5 Years
  • Short terms planning: 5 years, one-year plan.

Based on the imperative, it can be:

  • Centralized
  • Panchayati raj or decentralized
  • Multi-level planning

The following are the implementation steps for regional planning:

First step:

Identification of region; 

For example,

  • Command areas development
  • Watershed Management
  • Backward areas development
  • Desert Areas Development
  • Drought Prone areas development
  • Hills Areas development
  • Tribal areas development
  • Islands development

Second Step:

  • Identification and listing of available resources in the region.

Third step:

  • Framing the policy and scheme

Fourth step:

  • Environmental accessibility and environmental consequences

Fifth step:

  • Midyears review

Sixth step:

  • Feedback analysis, if needed change the policy, strategies, and implementation.

Try to solve the following questions: 

  • Discuss the growth of regional planning in India and account for regional disparities in development. (UPSC)
  • Present an account of the experience of regional planning in India in the context of Damodar Valley. (UPSC)
  • Discuss the experiences of regional planning in India in the context of the National Capital. (UPSC)
  • Planning and development of ‘Tribal Regions’ in India. (UPSC)
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