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Regional planning and development of the island territories UPSC | Regional Development and Planning | Geography of India

 India has 1,3 82 offshore Identified islands, they give strategic advance and Tourism destinations to India. Islands can be categorized into two groups, based on location;

  • Lakshadweep Islands in the Arabian sea
  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands group in the Bay of Bengal

Lakshadweep Islands are close to Maldives and proximity to established tourist destinations in the Maldives. From here, 

  • one-hour air distance to Maldives and Colombo.

The Andaman Islands are in proximity to establish tourism destinations in Southeast Asia. From here, 

  • 3.5 hours of air distance to Singapore
  • 2 hours of air distance to Bangkok
  • 2 hours of air distance to Chennai/Kolkata

In 2017, 5 Lakh tourists attracted these islands.

Sustainable Eco-Tourism project initiated by NITI Aayog

Island Development Agency( IDA):

IDA is an executive body established in 2017 established for the holistic and sustainable development of the Islands. As of now, 10 islands are chosen for holistic development, and these are:
  • Smith, Ross, Aves, Long, and Little Andaman in Andaman & Nicobars groups.
  • Minicoy, Bangaram, Suheli, Cerium, and TinnaKara in Lakshadweep groups.
Andaman & Nicobars groups

Lakshadweep groups

Holistic development includes the following:

Economic Activities:

  • Increase carrying capacity of tourism such as resorts, hotels, beaches, etc.

Improving Basic Infrastructures such as Sewage, Potable water availability, and waste management.

Improve connectivity such as

  • Fast and reliable & cost-effective such as air, ship, road connectivity
  • Intra and inter islands connectivity

New Initiative has been taken such as Green energy, promotion of fisheries, and job creation of habitats.

Try to solve the following questions:

  • Discuss the strategies for the integrated development of island territories in India. (UPSC 2018, 200 words, 15 marks)

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